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My World Changed by Leanne Isaacson

Well 5 years ago my world changed with a “routine” mammogram. But surgical decisions I made has enabled me to live my life without a fear constantly hanging over my head as it had done for 24 years and probably even longer and has meant that I will be here for my family when I certainly may not have been. Better still through my diagnosis & having genetic testing, now all members of my beautiful immediate family, extended family & our generations to come, have been and will be armed with information to make life saving choices – I know that is my difference. I also know through my willingness & open sharing of my story that I have made a difference in many other peoples lives – both women but also men. I have cried with women who have never shared their own experience with anyone but me and I have openly talked to men in the local pub about what I was going though. Have so many vivid and wonderful stories! The journey changed our lives in so many ways at the time, over the years and even recently, but is NEVER one that I have ever wished did not happen. It happened for so many reasons…. ‪#‎bethedifferencetoday‬

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