Negative Feelings

One of the ways I can be the difference is by being consistent. I created this group and sometimes I don’t feel I have anything significant to say, so I don’t. But no matter whether you think something is significant or not you can still be the difference with who you are. I was going to commit to post every day this month and then I realised it was already the 3rd and my first thought was “oh I can’t do that”. So I was going to let an invented date system get in the way of me sharing. I decided that this wasn’t a smart move so hence this post. What showed up for me is this: In the past, on occasion, I haven’t done what I said I would. It happens. I endeavour to minimise this but it happens. What then shows up is a negative feeling about the fact I didn’t do it. Then I am dealing with getting started on this thing and dealing with the negative feeling as well. So what then used to happen is that I definitely wouldn’t do this thing – too much in the way. BUT that negative feeling isn’t real you see, so there is nothing stopping me or anyone else from doing what you said you would do. It just got delayed. That is all.