A Journey Into London

A journey into London. What did I notice? I immediately found myself wanting to close myself off. Old habits and all that! So I took a tip from my friend David Taylor and slowed down. It was very interesting when I arrived at Liverpool St station. I noticed a lady struggling to get through the ticket barrier so I directed her towards one of the attendants who I had already noticed as I took everyone in. A charity spokesman for Gt Ormond St Hospital who have treated friends of mine children in the past so I chatted to them and donated. I wasn’t in a rush. Another conversation with a paid Oxfam collector who was refreshingly honest. Two guys dressed in blue sumo suits promoting an app – really connecting with people when they handed out blue roses. And a great conversation with the receptionist at The Innovation Warehouse where I’m meeting Mark Wiltshire today. It really isn’t about doing, although doing can be the outcome of BEING. All the posts I have read so far even though some were a result of DOING they all originated from who you chose to BE. ‪#‎bethedifferencetoday‬.

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