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This moment was a positive on a difficult day. My son gave a speech at his close friend’s funeral last Friday. He was 19. It was a horrible day but this was a huge positive in that day. My son recalled memories they had together and what Jack’s life would mean to him and his friends. Without bias it was one of the best speeches I had ever heard. I was and am beyond proud. He was the difference for me, his mum and all of those that heard him speak. Thankyou Ben Waterman.

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A Difficult Discussion by Chris Joseph



I love running, but I love my family more!
Last weekend I was faced with a dilemma. Run the Cardiff half marathon or go to a birthday party in Ascot!
You might be thinking – that’s a no-brainer! But it wasn’t. I’d signed up and paid for the race months ago. I love the the buzz of 10’s of thousands of footsteps around me – the energy – the movement.
I also love my wife and kids and I’m away for quite a few weekends over the next couple of months.
It was a values clash. I meditated on it. I learnt that my value for connection with family and friends was greater than my value for running and fitness.
I went to the party … I was the difference for my family…. I did check that they wanted me to go first!

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Negative Feelings

One of the ways I can be the difference is by being consistent. I created this group and sometimes I don’t feel I have anything significant to say, so I don’t. But no matter whether you think something is significant or not you can still be the difference with who you are. I was going to commit to post every day this month and then I realised it was already the 3rd and my first thought was “oh I can’t do that”. So I was going to let an invented date system get in the way of me sharing. I decided that this wasn’t a smart move so hence this post. What showed up for me is this: In the past, on occasion, I haven’t done what I said I would. It happens. I endeavour to minimise this but it happens. What then shows up is a negative feeling about the fact I didn’t do it. Then I am dealing with getting started on this thing and dealing with the negative feeling as well. So what then used to happen is that I definitely wouldn’t do this thing – too much in the way. BUT that negative feeling isn’t real you see, so there is nothing stopping me or anyone else from doing what you said you would do. It just got delayed. That is all.

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Today I was the difference by standing up for a friend.
Who could you be the difference for today?

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I was the difference today by being more of the authentic me, rather than someone who hides themselves to fit in. It made some of my long term friends uncomfortable, but seeing as we have such short life spans, why waste precious time ….
Plus, I had a random conversation with someone who has made me very inspired about where to take my yoga.


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Today I was the difference by keeping a commitment despite more than one temptation to reschedule… and the person I’d committed to had forgotten! But we met anyway, and it was an awesome session.

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Yesterday and today I’ve been the difference by choosing happiness. So often I get pulled into trying to control the outcome of things and then ‘allowing’ myself to feel happy. Recently I’ve been choosing happiness first then seeing what comes out of that smile emoticon it’s fun…


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End Of The 30 Day Challenge

Day 30/30 and so it ends…or does it? One of the key things I have discovered over this 30 days is consistency. I feel more fulfilled when I am consistent and that I serve at a deeper level. So I am committing to consistency. Consistency no longer equals boring it equals bringing the best of myself to the world. Thankyou Ann Skinner for leading the way with this idea of posting for 30 days. I have loved it.

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30 Day Challenge

I am going to follow Ann Skinner’s example and post about being the difference for the next 30 days in the FB group. I know I can be more of a difference by training my consistency. Who would like to join me in this challenge? Day 1/30. x

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Yesterday I spoke with my friend Jacob Noodt who serves with me in the Tony Robbins environment. He works with businesses in Norway and beyond and one of the things he teaches the employees is to check in with their consciousness before they go into work – to improve the quality of work relationships. Some companies have even painted a circle outside their office to encourage their staff to do this. How cool is that? Jacob you are the difference today and you are helping whole businesses to be the same. smile emoticon

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