So this little character was clearly modelled on me…not! FLEXIBILITY! Yesterday I intended to enrol the group to share what “be the difference today” means to them with someone they know. Someone that has had an impact on them and is/was the difference. It didn’t happen because on Sunday I was somewhere that didn’t have internet!!!! Funnily enough I was more present with the people I was with without this distraction. So this got me thinking…There are multiple reasons I created this group. 1. We could share personal stories which would impact on others but also on ourselves as we reflect on how we were or how we intend to be. I also have a second reason – to grow this community to a size so that we will be the difference in whatever we choose to focus on. If every week someone joins this group because of you sharing what “be the difference today” means to you, then we will fulfill that second outcome VERY quickly. What I don’t want you to know about me is that part of me likes the current intimate size of this group because I can read and like nearly every post but that is not why I created this group. There is a bigger purpose.

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