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Family by Rich Waterman

Being the difference today is about family time with my parents and my four children. It is too rare that we get everyone in the same place at the same time. Precious moments and a chance to slow down. The older I get the more I focus on quality relationships.

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My World Changed by Leanne Isaacson

Well 5 years ago my world changed with a “routine” mammogram. But surgical decisions I made has enabled me to live my life without a fear constantly hanging over my head as it had done for 24 years and probably even longer and has meant that I will be here for my family when I certainly may not have been. Better still through my diagnosis & having genetic testing, now all members of my beautiful immediate family, extended family & our generations to come, have been and will be armed with information to make life saving choices – I know that is my difference. I also know through my willingness & open sharing of my story that I have made a difference in many other peoples lives – both women but also men. I have cried with women who have never shared their own experience with anyone but me and I have openly talked to men in the local pub about what I was going though. Have so many vivid and wonderful stories! The journey changed our lives in so many ways at the time, over the years and even recently, but is NEVER one that I have ever wished did not happen. It happened for so many reasons…. ‪#‎bethedifferencetoday‬

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The Contentment Habit by Chris Joseph

I will be the difference for myself today by developing my contentment habit – that is being happy with how things currently are! You may notice a recurring theme.

Thank you to my friend, mindfulness supporter and group member Phil for sending me a great article this morning on ‘The Contentment Habit’. You’re a very intuitive man as it was just what I needed. Thank you for being the difference today Phil.

Here’s the link to the article which he sent me:…/the-contentment-habit-leo-babau…/

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Reflection by Rich Waterman

I reflect a lot on Fridays. Who were you the difference for this week and who was the difference for you? I was the difference for my client today because I helped them see possibilities in their new business that they hadn’t seen. David Taylor was the difference for me when he coached me this week and I totally changed my energy around my business. Thanks David.

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The Story Of The Starfish by Lucy (Cariad)

OK, so I’m pretty ordinary. Female, 46, happily married, 3 beautiful children, a job I enjoy, a lovely home, good friends and my health. I always felt that something was missing though…..I felt I needed to challenge myself. i had gone from the enviable situation of my family looking after me segueing neatly into meeting the love of my life at the age of 17 who then continued to look after me for the next 30 years. I felt  I had never really done anything “on my own”. I’d never had to rely on myself.  So, after a great deal of thought, I announced i wanted to travel BY MYSELF! I wanted to do something i had always hanker after; have an adventure. I decided to travel to Nepal and teach English to Buddhist monks for 3 weeks. My ever patient husband agreed…and before I knew it I was off.

The 3 weeks taught me so so much. stuff I’d never expected; how much i had taken for granted, how much i would miss my family, how exhilarating it is to connect with people, how everyone has a story. I was  expecting to see poverty but not expecting to see how much it would affect me.  I was expecting to “live rough” but not how easy it would be to stop caring about material things. what shoes go with what handbag is not an issue when all you have is a small rucksack. I was expecting to feel old mixing with young travellers, but not expecting them not to care.

Most importantly I was not expecting to gain an adopted daughter! Whilst out there I got involved with an orphanage nearby, run from a family home. They quickly made me part of the family and shared eagerly what little they had, cooking for me and sharing their home. I quickly bonded with the 17 year old sister of the owners, Pema. how could  not when I had a son back home the same age, with so many advantages and opportunities.  Pema was eager to go to university, but her family have nothing, and what they do have goes on the orphans they support.

Luckily another talented volunteer had already resolved to help Pema in her dream and had set up a plan to help her go to university. It was then I remembered the story of the starfish, which I’m sure you’ve all seen.

I realised I couldn’t make a  difference to the problems caused by poverty in Nepal but I could make a difference in Pema’s life. Luckily university fees in Nepal are nothing like the British fees, so i was able to help by paying her first years fees……with more to come.

I made a difference in Pema’s life as she is determined to make a difference in the lives of others when she becomes a social worker.


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