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This group was born 2 weeks ago. I had a vision. A vision where we would post about how I will be the difference today and how I was the difference today. Where we would talk about how we could be the difference today and how we were the difference today. And finally recognising the gifts in others about how they could be the difference and how they were the difference. I visit this page a lot. It makes me feel good. I feel inspired and grateful. It is already more than I imagined. I am a big believer in iteration. What works for you? What doesn’t? How could this grow and evolve. All opinions and thoughts are very welcome. Thankyou x

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Quality Time

Yesterday I was the difference my taking my two girls over to see my mum and dad. I often find my best way to energise is to spend time alone but quality family time is even better. We were all the difference for each other. Today I’m going to do what I said I would which is share the group with a close friend and tell them what it means to me. Would you like to join me in the sharing? ‪#‎bethedifferencetoday‬

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I have two meetings today with people who are extremely successful at what they do. In the past I would have looked to prove myself in the hope I could do business with them. Today I’m going to be present, find out what they need and serve them as much as I can. I prefer this way.‪#‎betthedifferencetoday‬

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So this little character was clearly modelled on me…not! FLEXIBILITY! Yesterday I intended to enrol the group to share what “be the difference today” means to them with someone they know. Someone that has had an impact on them and is/was the difference. It didn’t happen because on Sunday I was somewhere that didn’t have internet!!!! Funnily enough I was more present with the people I was with without this distraction. So this got me thinking…There are multiple reasons I created this group. 1. We could share personal stories which would impact on others but also on ourselves as we reflect on how we were or how we intend to be. I also have a second reason – to grow this community to a size so that we will be the difference in whatever we choose to focus on. If every week someone joins this group because of you sharing what “be the difference today” means to you, then we will fulfill that second outcome VERY quickly. What I don’t want you to know about me is that part of me likes the current intimate size of this group because I can read and like nearly every post but that is not why I created this group. There is a bigger purpose.

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A Journey Into London

A journey into London. What did I notice? I immediately found myself wanting to close myself off. Old habits and all that! So I took a tip from my friend David Taylor and slowed down. It was very interesting when I arrived at Liverpool St station. I noticed a lady struggling to get through the ticket barrier so I directed her towards one of the attendants who I had already noticed as I took everyone in. A charity spokesman for Gt Ormond St Hospital who have treated friends of mine children in the past so I chatted to them and donated. I wasn’t in a rush. Another conversation with a paid Oxfam collector who was refreshingly honest. Two guys dressed in blue sumo suits promoting an app – really connecting with people when they handed out blue roses. And a great conversation with the receptionist at The Innovation Warehouse where I’m meeting Mark Wiltshire today. It really isn’t about doing, although doing can be the outcome of BEING. All the posts I have read so far even though some were a result of DOING they all originated from who you chose to BE. ‪#‎bethedifferencetoday‬.

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First day

Wow wow wow wow wow! Finding it hard to sleep after an incredible first day in the life of this group. Thankyou to Leanne for reminding me to look after myself so I can be the difference. This group has already become a key part of reminding myself how important it is to be present and be a human BEING. Friday I am in London where I used to deliberately disconnect to “survive”. On this JOURNEY I will deliberately be present and be the difference. I wonder what will show up?…Thankyou for all the shares. If each of us personally shared this movement with someone they cared about every week so the group continued to double in size weekly we would be reaching millions in a few months. Hmmmm…..

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What is

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

“Be The Difference Today” began on the evening of July 23rd 2014 when my friend Jorge Coutinho asked for my help. There is a video in this group of how my great friend Jorge and his beautiful daughter Leonor changed my world forever.
Rich Waterman

So how do you want to be the difference today?

I will be the difference by…
We will be the difference by….
I will be the difference today by hugging my children and telling them that I love them.
We will be the difference today by volunteering at a homeless shelter.

Share your inspiring stories about how you were the difference:
I was the difference by…
We were the difference by….
I was the difference today by spending time with a friend who really needed my support.
We were the difference today by talking with teenagers about what careers they could choose.

The part I am really excited about: Inspire your family, friends and colleagues. What is the difference you see in them?
You will be the difference today because…
Jorge. You will be the difference today because of how much you deeply care about people and have time for them.

And thank someone who was the difference in your life:
You were the difference today by….
You were the difference today by helping me to move house and making sure I had everything I needed.


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